“Apples in Bushwick” A Screening of Visual Artists from Almaty, Kazakhstan

This screening will showcase the creations of visual artists who live and work in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Alma” in Kazakh means “apple,” and Almaty is often translated as “full of apples” or “city of apples”.


September 30, 2013

at 8:30pm

at The Living Gallery

$3 Suggested Donation

"Apples in Bushwick" A Screening of Visual Artists from Almaty, Kazakhstan

In the past the city was surrounded by apple orchards. Sadly, not anymore. Folklore has it that Almaty is the birthplace of all the apples in the world. Some of the artists have studied abroad, and others are self taught. The showcase represents various works, both commercial and independent projects made in the last decade.

The program will consist of 4 parts:

1) Music videos
2) Video art
3) Animation
4) Short films

A Q&A will follow the screening.


Malik Zenger (1986) studied film directing at New York Film Academy, Universal Studios, via the Bolashak, a Kazakh state scholarship program. In 2011, his “Shorties” animation was screened in Marseille, France.

Alexander Bakanov (1982) grew up in Russia and Kazakhstan. Alexander shot his first film in 2001. In the past, he has worked as a director of animation, music as well as documentary videos. Through his work Alexander have traveled extensively over Central Asia – in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. His work has been screened at festivals in Europe, Russia as well as Asia.

Eric Balison (1989) studied Storyboarding at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. In his four years there, he also took courses in animation, illustration and editing. In 2012, he wrote, directed and edited a short film called Herald.

Irina Maslikova (1978) studied textile art at the Kazakh National Art Academy. She experiments with photography, video, painting and textiles.

Katya Nikanorova (1981) is qualified as an architect and urban-planner. Starting in 2000, she has been involved in the contemporary art scene, exhibiting her work, participating in seminars and workshops, creating installations as well as working in various visual mediums such as films, photography, collage-making. In her exhibited-work she focuses in on problems concerning architecture, landscape as well as urban-planning. She has participated in exhibits in Almaty, Bishkek, Moscow, Turin, London and Paris. Starting in 2012, she has organized her own Biennale, titled “Biennale of Katya Nikonorova,” based in Almaty.

Diana Yun (1986) graduated from a university with a degree in international journalism in Almaty. During her studies she got involved with the Soros Center for Contemporary Art in Almaty. Immediately after graduating she moved to New York. She decided to fully dedicate her time to art and is now pursuing her second undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Her work has been exhibited in Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, America and Italy.

Adil Azhibayev (1986) studied finance at the university. At the moment, music and filmmaking are his primary hobbies.

Rinat Bekchentayev (1986) is currently studying film directing at the Moscow New Cinema School.

Olzhas Bayalbayev (1990) is a film director, editor, sound specialist and entrepreneur. He is a recent graduate from the New York Film Academy (Bolashak Scholarship).

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“front line” Opening Reception TONIGHT @ Lorimoto

(Below: Text Source)

Opening Reception TONIGHT

“front line”

Saturday, September 28, 2013
from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

at Lorimoto, 1623 Hancock St. Ridgewood , NY 11385

“The wave of gentrification starts quietly and moves constantly, affecting people, landscape and everything else that compose a neighborhood.

Good and bad, it is inevitable and nostalgia lingers with a melancholic after taste for the passing of time.  Artists have always been pioneers and the driving force in exploring new neighborhoods. The Bushwick / Ridgewood border is currently the very front lines of the Artist Migration.

To represent our presence in a rapidly changing neighborhood, Lorimoto has curated a show titled “front line”  featuring 3 artists.


Jonathan Auch –Auch captures images on the street. His large monochrome prints are portraits of random people who he found in the Bushwick / Ridgewood neighborhood. His high contrast photos capture every pore and crease of the human face, suggesting a deep and detailed life story of each individual.

Armas Carino – An architect / painter duo has been collaborating and constructing scaled miniature fragments of brick townhouses. The imagery of destruction prevalent in their work reminds that all things, including humans, eventually  crumble.

Yasuyuki  Takagi – Takagi has been documenting the changing scenery of various Brooklyn neighborhoods for over 12 years. His focus was photographing empty lots in the community. These lots do not exist anymore. Most have been transformed into residential dwellings for the ever-inflating population.”

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“Color Line” Opening TONIGHT @ Outpost

Friday, September 27, 2013

at 6:00pm (Curated by Rico Gaston)

1665 Norman Street
Ridgewood, NY 11385

Exhibiting Artists
Liz Atzberger
Robert Otto Epstein
Rico Gatson
Ben Godward
Alex Lee Harris
Bjoern Meyer-Ebrecht
Brooke Moyse
Ellie Murphy
Ursula Schneider
Patrick Todd
Siebren Versteeg
Tamara Zahaykevich

“Spring Color Dress” by Robert Otto Epstein

“Spring Color Dress” by Robert Otto Epstein

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or email: outpostedit@gmail.com

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Paint and Poetry @ 3rdEye(Sol) Gallery

Text Source (Adapted): http://allevents.in/brooklyn/*paint-and-poetry*/1378410952381510

Paint and Poetry, Vol. 19

“A collective effort of all things art.

Hosted by Scott Morris and Fox Gold

Saturday, September 28, 2013
at 7:00pm ($5 before 8:00pm, $10 after)

Address: 1501 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Directions: J Train to Halsey

“Featuring NYC’s most dope underground artists, poets, and Emcee’s.”

10 open mic slots available. First come, first serve. Sign up beginning at 6:00pm.

Music by DJ Blackout.

“If you would like to do event coverage/photography or have any questions,
or would like to signup to be a featured artist, please email: paintandpoetrynyc@gmail.com

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Drink & Draw: Tonight!

Here at The Living Gallery, we have a Drink & Draw event every Wednesday!

TONIGHT from 7:00pm to 9:00pm!

This week we have live music provided by:

We provide you with drawing materials: pencils, charcoal and paper!
(Feel free to bring your own supplies if you like!)

We also provide a model and drinks as well!

If you would like to perform or model email us @ thelivinggallery@gmail.com

Drink & Draw with Live Music

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Art + Music at the Market Hotel: ACINAS + Guest Artists (by the Solo Foundation)


Public Event · By Solo Foundation

September 20th at 7:00pm at 957 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

The following text has been borrowed from their Facebook Event page:


ALBERTO ACINAS (resident artist)


LA LUNA HIENA (Albereto & Dilian)
EITAN AKMAN wth Carter Lee y Jesse Maynard

Before its official opening the Market Hotel is holding an art exposition by ALBERTO ACINAS TOVAR – an artist in residence at the space who has been creating site-specific work. We will have 4 bands playing and collaborating throughout the night. Alberto Acinas Tovar will be the closing act playing flamenco style guitar (with a pick up) with Howie Solo on the bass.

Market Hotel

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Bushwick Fashion Weekend Begins!

Bushwick Fashion Weekend!

Opening reception September 20th from 6pm to 12am

FREE before 8pm, $5 after!
(Performances start after 8pm!)

More events September 21st from 12pm to 7pm
and September 22nd from 2pm to 10pm

Bushwick Fashion Weekend


Frank by Sines ( Brandon Sines)

Ozma Autonomy by ( Samantha Jo)

Shirley Cruz for Cruzades

Kristy Lituma NYC

Jazzabelss Boutique

St. Kenia

Worn Vintage



Jade Fusco aka DMZL

Doorways Le Sphinx X

Felix and the Future

Artwork by:
Elizabeth Rathbone

Dean Anthony Cercone Jr.


Saturday from 12pm to 7pm

(a live glyph painting/excavation with musical narration…
an experience that crosses between Jessica Rabbit,
Bob Ross and Niki de Saint Phalle.)

Black River Quartet

Sunday from 2pm to 10pm

CUM BLOOD performing w/ Special Guests!!!

Rocko will be painting ancient arabic lettering on shirts live models!

Tarot card readings by Samara Hennet
(http://www.facebook.com/samara.hennet) $10-15 (sliding scale)

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Interviewing and Networking Demystified Workshop

September 18, 2013 from 5:30pm-7:00pm
at The Living Gallery

Join us for this amazing workshop presented
by the Brooklyn Public Library and the Brooklyn Arts Council!


  • The interview process from the hiring manager’s point of view, including blogs with useful information
  • How to prepare for your interview
  • Tips for interview success
  • What to do immediately after the interview
  • Following up after the interview
  • How to turn a rejection into a future opportunity


  • What is networking and how it can be an effective way to find a job
  • The “hidden” job market and how networking can help you discover these jobs
  • Online and offline resources for networking such as professional organizations, LinkedIn, Meetup, alumni networks and pounding the pavement


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Zoo Lion: Aesthetic Porn

Zoo Lion

A retrospective of collage art from 2010-2013.

September 13, 2013 from 6:00pm-11:00pm
at The Living Gallery

  • $3 suggested donation
  • Free beverages and collage prints
  • Weird performances & sexual projections
  • DJ Peter Fonda AKA Ratfoot
  • Nude body-painted model

My work comes from a mind with absolutely no formal art training or technique. These pieces are a rumination upon the subject that interests me most; sex. It began as a teenage hobby, cutting and pasting landscapes and objects into new images, until I got my hands on my first 1960s era soft core porn, eventually leading to the collection of every smut magazine from every era. This set me at odds with many people such as my mother, past roommates, extended family, and potential employers, but it also happened to charm just as many people as it offended.

With a BS in Psychology, I have found the social impact of my porn-art just as intriguing as the responses of those mainly concerned with aesthetics. Sexual relationships as well as an open mind to the concept of sex itself are vital elements to happiness in life.

~ Zoo Lion


Zoo Lion presents Aesthetic Porn not to fetishize or arouse,
but to celebrate the beauty and abundance of sex culture.

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This event is all ages, but please keep in mind that there will be images
containing full nudity, pornographic material, and other potentially sensitive content.