September 2, 2013 at 8:00pm
at The Living Gallery

“As you may or may not know, we here at Bandshell are Russian expats. And as you most certainly know, the gay community in our home country is currently antagonized by the nation’s government in the most appalling of manners. We figured there has to be some way to support the Russin LGBT community, so we’ve decided to launch a concert and art series that will support the Russian queer community both financially and morally. 100% of the donations from these shows at various galleries, bars, and venues in Williamsburg and Bushwick will go directly to organizations like Amnesty International. We stand to make no profit from any of this. All we want is to support an the artistic community here and a civil rights cause back home. Many of these events will feature local art displayed, and our new website,, will provide a permanent showcase for the bands and artists we work with. We can’t wait to throw you some really good parties in the name of an even better cause.” ~ Bandshell





For artists,

“We here at Bandshell are currently in the midst of organizing a series of parties to benefit both the Russian LGBT and local creative communities. We’re reaching out because we would love to get you involved, to have you lend your voice in the name of something greater than any of us alone. For about the past year, Bandshell has been booking shows in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and we’ve recently realized that New York’s art and music scenes aren’t the only communities that could use some support. As Russian expats, we’re appalled by the Russian government’s antagonization of human beings within its own– and our native– society. With this series, we hope to not only offer solidarity for the queer community in Russia, but financial support for this cause. We stand to make no profit from these shows because 100% of the donations go directly to organizations like Amnesty International. Our benefit parties will be hosted at an assortment of bars, galleries, and venues in Bushwick and Williamsburg, and will often provide spaces for artists to display work. We’re also launching a website,, which will help provide a permanent showcase for the artists and bands involved with this project. We would really love to get you involved, for the sakes of both a great show and a great cause.” ~ Bandshell

Russia LGBT

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