Bushwick Meeting: Advisory Panel, TONIGHT

Monday, October 14, 2013 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm
at The Living Gallery

Please Join us at this important juncture in deciding the future of Bushwick!!

At our last meeting the opportunity to create an ADVISORY PANEL to Reyna was offered by her staff as a way for us to mitigate our concerns.

Our North West Bushwick Community group has publicly formed against the Rheingold Rezoning. We have rapidly developed and expanded over the past month. We are working toward a inclusive future for bushwick where development does not displace. We are striving for participatory design & community based planning.

The initial meeting held by City Councilwoman Reyna’s office on September 3rd sparked widespread outrage in our community as it was clear that the developer of the site, the CB4 and the Councilwoman’s office had not appropriately informed the public of the development plan…

Since then, we have had a multitude of meetings with a diverse coalition of home owners, eco activists, renters, educators, Urban Planners, and representatives of Reyna, State Senator Dilan and others…

At our last meeting the opportunity to create an Advisory Council to Reyna was offered by her staff as a way for us to mitigate our concerns. As it stands now, the city council will have the development proposal for 50 days after the October 23rd City Planning Commission Vote.

We have to meet to nominate & elect and sort our process for this SOON. This is an exciting chance. I think we will get 5-6 seats on the panel and the other seas will be filled by local organization representatives (CUFFH, LOS SURES, St Nick’s ALLIANCE, EWVIDCO).

Need to address meeting structure-
-regular meeting times/space
-agenda setting
-agenda setting

rough draft of SOME proposed agenda items:
nominations 5-6 seats
election mechanism

-concern for lack of long term solution in panel
-clearly articulate the purpose of this panel,
-how long it should serve for,
-the accountability it will have to our wider community


communicating directly with read property follow-up
upcoming cb4 meeting
cpc vote (23)
city council public hearing
legal follow-up


197A/legislative coalition/community based planing/community development strategy

set up ULURP workshop (CUP/MTR)

refine draft of specific demands/requirements


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