AROUND TOWN: Jonathan Coward’s “Bucolic Etsy Transcendence” (Ends Soon!)

Jonathan Coward

Jonathan Coward’s “Bucolic Etsy Transcendence” Exhibition

At Big Law Country Club

Exhibition Dates: November 15 through December 8!
Location: 603 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11206

Text from their website:

Meetings with a whimsical ceramicist in upstate New York. Against nature/ against the grain. The bejeweled turtle vs. an acupuncture treated peacock. An inner struggle of craft vs. art.

A circle describing an oval.

Segmented visions of an ideal landscape and life obscured by the infernal chatter of the idly curious.

In the distance you can hear a leather jacket being chained to a 200 year old beech tree. It rattles and creaks just above 3,500 ft.

Clay from another location has been used to craft an appalling pastel figure. An attempt to sell the figure for a large sum of money is made. Ceramics study.

Dancing at “The Club” and eating moss. Second occupied vortex at the base of Ohayo Mountain.

No object is Necessary but some of them look cool. Pictures of your friends and some bands. A rattle snake. Ceramics study.

Big Law Country Club at the Silent Barn presents
the solo exhibition “Bucolic Etsy Transcendence” by Jonathan Coward.
The exhibition is an exploration in collage.

Jonathan Coward hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Coward makes paper collages depicting his interpretations of the void, vortices, ritual, and Transcendence. Jonathan enjoys hiking and mining for semi-precious minerals. He also makes house music under the name SHAMS.