AROUND TOWN: “Show #8” at The Parlour Bushwick

Show #8

Location: The Parlour Bushwick, 791 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Exhibition Dates: November 8, 2013 – January 5, 2014
Gallery Hours: Sunday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm and By Appointment
Contact: or (718) 360-3218 / (718)360-6973

Text from their website:

The art in Show #8 deals with the darker side of human emotions. Anxiety, loss and conflict are conveyed in a raw and visceral manner. The work is tactile, fun and emotionally heavy.

Geoff Carter creates large-scale charcoal and graphite drawings that depict death and loss. Influenced by Dorthea Langs’ photos, the figures and landscapes are rendered in stark black and whites that describe a tragic as well as comic condition. His technique helps to render the subjects anonymous, transfiguring the figures into symbols of human suffering.

Sophia Narrett embroiders fantastical scenes of men and women in lush landscapes that are both romantic and dark. Involved in some loose narrative, the figures often seem weighed down by sadness or melancholy. The work is bright and delicately rendered without minimizing the feelings of uneasiness and rejection.

Andrea Defelice puts disparate mechanical parts together to create objects that move and make sound. Rather than performing a specific task these “machine’s” primary functions are to evoke reactions in the viewer.

Cate Giordano parodies gender roles. Her videos are narratives that take place in poorly constructed and claustrophobic environments that add to the tension and humorous melodrama. A campy cast of characters that include southern stereotypes playacting creates a comedic element while making a statement about societal expectations.