TONIGHT: Exquisite Corpse Company BLACK BOX

TONIGHT: December 13th 2013 at 7:00pm
at The Living Gallery, Brooklyn NY

Exquisite Corpse Company

Black Box

The text from the ECC website states:

BlackBox is a series dedicated to raising awareness for 5 artists in 5 different mediums who have amazing new work YOU NEED to know about AND YOU make a difference. Show up and support an artist. Tell the door lady who you’re there to see and get your artist a bigger cut of the pie. At the end of the night all the money raised goes to their projects and the ECC.

Would you like to collaborate with the Exquisite Corpse Company on a project you are currently working on? Maybe an album you are recording, a play you want to stage, a film you have begun casting? The ECC would love to work with you! The Black Box Series is a way for the ECC to collaborate with and support Brooklyn artists. Becoming a member of the Series means that the ECC will facilitate financial support for your project through out BlackBox Release Party, and will help raise awareness for your project through our various promotional outlets. Our next Black Box event will take place on Friday December 13, 2013.