AROUND TOWN: Exhibition at Outlet Brooklyn, “3 Artists / 3 Weeks” and “15 Artists in Black and White”

3 Artists / 3 Weeks
and 15 Artists in Black and White

Exhibition Dates: December 13 – 29, 2013
Location: Outlet Brooklyn, 253 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm
Contact: / Facebook

Here is their Press Release:

Bushwick, Brooklyn— For just three weeks, OUTLET will present new work by three artists: Mary JudgeJohn Redmann, and Ned Shalanski. In addition, the gallery will present small work in black and white by 15 artists which offers a cross section of current contemporary trends yet with a common thematic color.

This exhibition brings together three artists which work in repetition and whose process involved a multiplicity of refinement, process, and duplication.

Mary Judge builds upon classical proportions in her new paintings. Inspired by the architecture of ancient ritual spaces, Judge calculates the essential elements to offer only the most minimal in her mystic image-space diagrams that are her paintings. A refinement of media and form the paintings build upon her process of automatic drawing and structured patterns that the artist has devised and refined as personal vocabulary. Color is added to accent and augment. Symmetry is present but is often subverted as a way of keeping things open. There is also a relationship to the landscape, just as an architect is attentive the topography of the grounds that surround the space of building, these new paintings are attentive to a subconscious landscape were subtlety and simplicity are the make up of drama. Building upon her long history and love of working with paper and pigment, this new work “travels to the same place” both psychically and cognitively, moving those ideas from paper to canvas.

Judge currently lives and works in Brooklyn and St. Louis, MO. Her work is in the collections of The Fogg Museum Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; The British Museum, London, UK; The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK; The Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA; The Allen Memorial Museum of Art, Oberlin, OH; and The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, and a recently dedicated permanent sculpture for the Missouri Botanical Garden among others. Recent solo exhibitions include Opus & Light Anno XVI-Madonna del Pozzo, Porta Monterone Spoleto, Italy, 2013; Pop-Flowers, Storefront, Brooklyn, 2011. Additionally Judge is the director and founder of Schema Projects.

The new series of prints by John Redmann are a culmination of deconstructing the principles of printmaking. Transforming printmaking from a secondary medium to a primary means of image creation is what Redmann currently explores evoking images as lost dreams. Building on hybrid techniques which come from a source of frustration with conventional methods his process involves pulling out clean sheets of paper making them into paper sculptures, crushing them, printing onto them, and then using them negative as a basis for the image is something that comes about after hours.

Redmann was born in Blytheville Arkansas. His father was in the military and this afforded him the unique privilege of traveling across the country and meeting people from all walks of life and different cultures. He has a degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute (2005), and continues to live and work in New York City.

Since 2010, Ned Shalanski has explored psychology and visceral emotion through abstract compositions of a diverse materials palette. His earliest works include colorful mark-making and mixed media collages on paper. In 2011, he began executing site-specific performances, targeting similar issues through the body’s presence in and engagement with public, often-overlooked settings. That summer, Shalanski completed an art residency in Beijing during which he completed Caochangdi Message, a video work exploring individual perception with regards to culture and localized space. In 2013, he completed the post-baccalaureate program at the New York Center for Art and Media Studies. While there, Shalanski used insulation foam, spray paint, and domestic organizational elements and imagery to create medium-to-large scale three-dimensional compositions. These tightly-composed, unassuming tableaus draw from a balance of order and disruption, predictability and unpredictability, and furthered the artist’s continued interest in visual representation, excess, and sterilization. Shalanski holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. He works as a landscape designer for the New York City Parks Department and lives in Brooklyn.

15 Artists in Black and White: Wayne Adams, Emily Berger, Rico Gatson, Letha Wilson, Audra Wolowiec, Brent Everett Dickinson, Joshua Cave, Reid Strelow, Sarah Lee, Sophia Wallace, Michael Alongi, Tim Campbell, Shannon Finnegan, Jen Hitchings, and Brittany Market.