AROUND TOWN: Exhibition at Associated Gallery, “A Little More to the Left”


+ Tom Warren Pop-up Portrait Studio

Exhibition Dates: December 14 through January 5, 2014
Hours: Saturdays & Sundays from 1:00pm to 6:00pm and By Appointment
Contact: (Email for confirmation.)
Location and Further Contact:

Painting by Rachel Pontius

Painting by Rachel Pontius


Associated is pleased to announce a group show concerning notions in contemporary portraiture. Please join us on Saturday, December 14 from 7-10pm as we celebrate the opening of A Little More to the Left, featuring works by Solito Jibaro, Rachel Pontious, and Tom Warren.

As narcissism in our culture becomes ever more pervasive, as evidenced by the ubiquity and popularity of the “selfie”, the portrait in turn becomes something worth reflecting upon. Rather than a contrived homage to oneself, the portrait is instead a dialogue, the projection of an emotion about someone else. Perhaps a commission or a tribute to a loved one, the portrait has the power to reinterpret reality, making the subject more flattering or reviled, while inscribing a sense of emotion and memory into the image.  In A Little More To The Left, Associated has mad a selection of three artists working through contemporary issues in portraiture.

Solito Jibaro collages images of people in his life along with cryptic visual signifiers found online and in vintage magazines to create paintings that are simultaneously abstract and photorealistic. By blending the two he is able to create a narrative in the works, while also developing a sense a character in the portraits’ subject.

Rachel Pontious is similarly interested in creating an emotional context in her portraits, in that she is exploring “personal and propositional knowledge through storytelling, allusions, and experimentation.” And yet her family portraits, often obscured or bisected images painted from family photos, are a dialogue between her family and herself, between nature and nurture. She explains that, “By referencing family photographs for my paintings, and then manipulating them, I am creating a self-portrait that delves into the idea of what makes them—their insecurities, neuroses, physical attributes, personality traits—me.”

Tom Warren on the other hand is not a painter but a photographer. He’s been capturing portraits of people from all walks of life in New York since 1981 and will be showcasing a broad range of his portraits from over the years. Additionally, he will have a pop-up studio set up during the opening on December 14th at Associated to take portraits for just $100 right in time for the holidays.

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Another Portrait Studio Pop-Up

is happening at the closing on January 5th

from 4pm to 6pm!

Please join Associated on Sunday January 5 for a closing reception and last chance to have your portrait taken by Tom Warren, one of the three artists included in the exhibition. The portrait studio will be set up in our freight elevator from 4-6pm. Portraits will be FREE, and prints will be available for purchase after viewing the digital file with a watermark.

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