AROUND TOWN: Wayfarers Exhibition, “Not Everyone Feels Like They Have To Win All The Time”

Not Everyone Feels Like They Have To Win All The Time
New works by
Renee Delosh and Craig Hein
Location: Wayfarers, 1109 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Exhibition Dates: January 31 – February 16, 2014
Gallery Hours: Sundays 1pm to 5pm and By Appointment
Gallery Contact:


Not Everyone Feels Like They Have To Win All The Time is an exhibition of new work by Renee Delosh and Craig Hein. Both artists share a similar approach in creating their work, lampooning the inherit seriousness of art-making and the significance of the art object, while concurrently addressing themes of faith and belief systems, death, failure and commodity culture.

Craig Hein’s small paintings and sculptures are intended to somewhat resemble gift shop souvenirs and collectables. His text-based work is also meant to reference “inspirational” posters like those that would be found on the wall of a high school guidance counselor’s office or more commonly infesting a Facebook or Twitter news feed. He is interested in the power dynamic between the “inspirer” and the “inspired,” whether it is through art, religion or the self-help industry.

Renee Delosh employs banal text and symbols in her work, exploring their relation to cartoons, cliché sayings and religious imagery. Her drawings, sculptures and paintings reference a Charlie Brownian view of the world – dashes of optimism tempered and often outweighed by sighs of grief. She works across a variety of media, choosing materials based on the idea behind each piece. The works share in common an anthropomorphic quality, through googley eyes peering outward or frames that lean toward one another like the resting heads of two friends.

Renee Delosh completed her BFA at the School of Visual Arts in 2009. She has exhibited in group shows in Brooklyn and New York City. Born in Huntington, NY, she currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Craig Hein has a BFA and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. He has had one solo show in New York, and has been in group shows in New York, Philadelphia and a few other places. Craig is from New Jersey, currently lives in Manhattan and works on his artwork in Brooklyn.

Image details:

(left) Craig Hein, “Serenity Now”, 2013, oil and acrylic on canvas and clay, 5 in x 7 in

(right) Renee Delosh, “It Wasn’t Me”, 2013, cement and graphite with acrylic, 5.25 in x 3.25 in x 1.75 in