Who Says Words

Stephen Dickman poses a challenge to the various modes that have dominated operatic composition in recent years. Unlike the Serialists, he gives the listener discernible melodies; unlike the Traditionalists, he presents melodies in scales of his own devising; and unlike the Minimalists, he takes seriously the relation of words to music.-New Music
1) Please state who you are and what you do- (can be abstract, doesn’t need to be what you do as a “job”- for example “truth seeker”)
My name is Stephen Dickman. I am a composer of primarily concert music. String quartets, operas, etc. (NY TIMES REVEIW of OPERA) Listen to some of his music at New World Records
2) Why do you think humans are here on earth?
We are here to figure out why we are here. But as to “why”, I don’t think we need to introduce that word. Let’s find out what it’s all about. In order to do that we need to investigate the explorer. Become an accurate reporter. Etc.
3) As a human, what do you think our main responsibility is while alive?
To make ourselves as wonderful and wise as we can and help others fulfill themselves.
4) Why do you think things die?
Things die because they began. No way around it.
5) Do you think that death makes life more beautiful?
Being alive means we are going to die. What begins ends. There is no aesthetic or qualitative choice or designation.
6) How do you think one can live in the moment and enjoy every moment? Is that even important?
It’s very important. I think it’s possible. We maybe get glimpses. It would would take a lot of personal work to make that experience more that a glimpse, an unexpected event. We generally take thoughts of the past and future into the present, which is why I think we don’t very often experience what is in front of us.
7) Most belief systems have a lot in common, and exhibit wisdom, however, it is extremely hard, if not impossible, to live every day, every waking moment, according to these belief systems. Yes we should send love to all, and see the beauty in everything, but we get sick, sad, grumpy, hungry, and caught up in everyday life. Is that a bad thing?
We are born, get sick and die. It’s the way things are. What we are given.  It is possible to grow if we have the desire, know how and exert the effort. What else is there to do?
8) If you could reach the future leaders and impregnate them with one thought, what would that be?
Compassion. (forget about yourself)

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