I’m Eli Lehrhoff.

1) Please state who you are and all the amazing things you do!

I’m Eli Lehrhoff. I make visual art and play a bunch of improvised music. I was half of avant-dub morons Dubknowdub (note: the video in the link features my parents, prominently.) with the artist Sto; i handle the beats in dance/sax/jazz/spazz project Hair Jail with Raul de Nieves (haribo),  Nick Lesley (necking), and, my brother, Zach Lehrhoff (ex models, beech creeps); Zach and I also play in Rat Attack with Annegret Faulkner (ovary action); i jam with, and make backing tracks for, Raul and Alex Drewchin (guardian alien, eartheater) quite a bit; i currently put most of my time into the a/v band BRAT PIT, with Ryan Soper (with whom i have the duo 10,000 Idiots) and Ginny Benson (with whom i have the duo Johnny Depth); I also make music by myself as Smhoak Mosheein. i guess i’m kind of busy.

photo credit: Brian Hershey and Dan Mcneil

photo credit: Brian Hershey and Dan Mcneil

2) How do you feel humor plays a role in your social circle?

I don’t know about my whole social circle, but I personally relate to people through humor, almost exclusively. As such, the people that I spend the most time with tend toward the humorous, whether they’re aware of it or not. I’d like to think the common element is an understanding that the world is a serious place, but laughing at it is the only reasonable response.

Changes Part 1 Changes Part 2







3) Some say: “Laughter is the sound of freedom”- What does this mean to you?

In my experience, the best laughers are the oppressed. The best jokes are about the worst things. Laughter is the acknowledging of the struggle, the striving for freedom.

Smhoak & Pals @ Shea Stadium


4) Do you think humor in art and conversation masks and avoids truth and meaning, or reveals truth and deeper meanings?

Humor, like any advantage, can be used towards many ends. I think the level of humor and seriousness in all things just needs to be appropriate to the situation, and one’s roll in said situation. One shouldn’t laugh at another person’s tragedy, but laughing at tragedy as a shared concept is entirely necessary. Bully’s laugh at, comedy laughs with.

My visual art is made alone in a room. Solitude doesn’t inspire much humor in me. It’s the interaction with others that produces the laughs. Music, as i make it, is an interactive endeavor and, thus, humor is a more common result. The intrinsic egotism of being watched by others is a constant source of laughs.


5) Does your own art have a specific meaning?

Each piece or series tend to have individual meanings, but process is always a focus. I get bored pretty easily, so it’s necessary to keep on it.


6) What do you think Bushwick is lacking in, i. e., is there something missing within the Bushwick Community?

I’ve lived in and out of Bushwick since 2004. At this point it feels like there’s kind of too much of everything.


7) Do you have a plan for your future? Do you feel it is necessary?

8) Any last thoughts you would like to share with your readers!

This about sums it up.



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