“WE ARE GOING TO DIE” Masked Event, Monday Feb 8th

Join us on Monday Feb 8th 7-10pm at The Living Gallery for a special evening of performances, wearable art, installations and music! The event is free, and guests are urged to wear their own masks, masks will also  be available at the event.


 The goal of the event, and designs by artist Nyssa Frank , is to remind people that we are all mortal, and animals, and in this world together. Nyssa alters clothing, painting words such as “Death Means Nothing to Death,”  “I am a homo sapien” or “Who Am I” to express this goal. She also creates jewelry, mostly body parts, to illuminate both on the absurdity, and beauty of our human body.



Performers for the evening include: Bethany Sick Din, Veronica Torres, Ursula KennedyThe Sewer Gators Each performer is epic in his/her own way, engaging the audience in a mesmerizing, and introspective entanglement!!


The Sewer Gators

Constructed by Mike Garcia, The Swere Gators is a band that spews sewer funk and sewer punk

Bethany Sick Din

Sick Din is the music personae of the multimedia artist Bethany Dinsick.  Bethany Dinsick is a self taught musician, video artist, experimental dancer, performance artist, painter, costume maker, and sculptor from Baltimore currently living in Brooklyn. www.bethanydinsick.com


 Ursula Kennedy

URSULA KENNEDY is cathartic howling wading through the treacherous squalls of love and oblivion, accompanied by contrapuntal, distorted guitar pulses. Artist Martha Ursula Moszczynski might bestow an epic dance performance during this event as well!


Veronica Torres

Torres is the lead singer in the band Pill. Her words and performances vibrate on a very honest and mind curling plane, making you dance and listen and become inspired.