TONIGHT: “The Living Exhibition” A Group Show! (Opening Reception)

The Living Exhibition

at The Living Gallery, 1094 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
Opening: January 6, 2013 from 8:00pm to 11:00pm
Exhibition Dates: January 6th through 8th
Gallery Hours: 1pm to 5pm and By Appointment

Join us for this special group show!

There were so many amazing artists who submitted work
for our open call we wish we could have chosen everyone!

Here are the selected artists for this exhibition:

Danielle Lange
David Aronson
Katie Lewis
Kristen Bisson
Jared Friedman
David Arms

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The Living Exhibition


PHOTOS: “Flame Tempered” Exhibition by Phoenix Lindsey-Hall

Artist Talk, Potluck and Movie TONIGHT!
Information Below!

Photos from the Opening Reception on November 22nd:

Exhibition Date: November 21 – 26, 2013
Opening Reception: November 22, 2013 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Artist Talk, Potluck and Movie: November 25, 2013 from 7:30pm to 10:00pm
Location: The Living Gallery, 1094 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221
For More Information:

TONIGHT: “Flame Tempered” A Solo Show by Phoenix Lindsey-Hall

Flame Tempered
Friday, November 22, 2013
6:00pm to 10:00pm
at The Living Gallery

The Living Gallery is proud to announce, “Flame Tempered,” the first New York solo exhibition of mixed media artist Phoenix Lindsey-Hall. With graceful chaos, Lindsey-Hall uses ceramic to transform everyday objects that were used as weapons in specific gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender hate crimes.

The cornerstone of this show is her large-scale ceramic installation, which is derived from a hate crime that happened just blocks from The Living Gallery in 2008. “Flame Tempered” is an organic cyclone of over 70 ceramic baseball bats suspended in a mid air tumble. Illuminated with a single bare bulb casting long shadows through out the space, the work is an explosion of drama, perception and emotion. Peggy McGlone, art critic for The Star Ledger in Newark, NJ, recently described the piece as “at once beautiful and intimidating.”

This exhibition is made possible through support from Slideluck, where Lindsey-Hall recently received Crowd Favorite at Slideluck Bushwick II, The Living Gallery and Brooklyn Brewery.

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Tooth & Claw: Art Exhibition and Party (TONIGHT ONLY)

curated by CLAW CLAW Design Studio

Saturday, October 12th, from 6:00pm to 12:00am ART! PRIZES! DRINKS! MUSIC!

Suggested donation $5
21+ to drink – must show ID

Spend $20 on CLAW CLAW merch (prints, stickers, shirts, etc.) & get entered into a raffle to win a new bike! YES, FOR REAL.
Featuring prints and original artwork by the following heavy hitters:

Alex Fine
Bagel Han
Dadu Shin
Dongyun Lee
Ellen T. Crenshaw
Erik Jones
Garrett Crabb
Gina Schiappacasse
Hadar Pitchon
Hyesu Lee
Joe Wierenga
Jordan Jeffries
Juan Leguizamon
Kelly Lasserre
Kim Herbst
Lane Arthur
Matt Rota
Maurice Blanco x Bo Braden
Michael Hoeweler
Ojay Morgan
Ray Jones
Rich Tu
Shanon Weltman
Simone Thornton
Taryn Egan



@ The Living Gallery BK
1094 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York 11221

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Tooth & Claw

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Rebecca Gaffney presents The Children’s Magical Garden II*(F.U.) Opening

at The Living Gallery


from 9pm to 12:30am

Rebecca GaffneyThe Ch-ldren’s Magical Garden II (F.U.)

inspired by
THE Fake French STAND
everlasting queer daisies pushed up like tectonic plates
think pink (but don’t wear it) saran wrap caveman streetwear NYC streets 5000 a.d.
black dudes
white dudes
the children’s magical garden I
a.v. throw up collage
codeine cough syrup (not anything)
k the one who boils the water
the shepherd and the sweltering sky safety harness
5m. anything are often wrong

The first children’s magical garden was just a pile of dirt, ozymandias bb?, just a pile of dirt. Is it still there?

Rebecca Gaffney is a video and installation artist, musician, and writer who lives and works in Brooklyn. With roots in the D.I.Y. scene, she has shown and performed at many venues including Philadelphia Museum of Art, Canada Gallery, P.S.1, Louis V. E.S.P., and Bric Arts, where she was featured Video Artist in 2011 at the Bric Arts Gala (with Jon Williams). Recently, she has an art residency at Andes Sprouted Seeds upstate, and her videos were screened at the Festivale de Videoarte in Camaguey, Cuba.

She is most known for blending out-of-phase strobe light, reflections in live camera feedback, light/video/music improvisation, transcendence, happenings, epic collaborations, aerial views, and

A +/- B +/- C +/- D,E,F TBD = TCMG II *

A giant tossed salad of fried mighties, ETC.
An enchanted video forest
C = ~C secret candy food forest heart
Bianca Muerte ~ HARVEST WIZARD

Featuring modern cavemen, animals, and:

Opening October 5th
Mv Carbon
Bryce Hackford
Le Sphinxxx
Alessandra Urso (sho performance)
DJ Half Life Industry of Machines
and cave-y dranks

Closing October 8th
Angelina Dreem
Rebecca Gaffney & Adrian Austin
Pure1 Imports
Nyssa Frank
D.J. Maria Minerva
candy drank

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“Apples in Bushwick” A Screening of Visual Artists from Almaty, Kazakhstan

This screening will showcase the creations of visual artists who live and work in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Alma” in Kazakh means “apple,” and Almaty is often translated as “full of apples” or “city of apples”.

September 30, 2013

at 8:30pm

at The Living Gallery

$3 Suggested Donation

"Apples in Bushwick" A Screening of Visual Artists from Almaty, Kazakhstan

In the past the city was surrounded by apple orchards. Sadly, not anymore. Folklore has it that Almaty is the birthplace of all the apples in the world. Some of the artists have studied abroad, and others are self taught. The showcase represents various works, both commercial and independent projects made in the last decade.

The program will consist of 4 parts:

1) Music videos
2) Video art
3) Animation
4) Short films

A Q&A will follow the screening.


Malik Zenger (1986) studied film directing at New York Film Academy, Universal Studios, via the Bolashak, a Kazakh state scholarship program. In 2011, his “Shorties” animation was screened in Marseille, France.

Alexander Bakanov (1982) grew up in Russia and Kazakhstan. Alexander shot his first film in 2001. In the past, he has worked as a director of animation, music as well as documentary videos. Through his work Alexander have traveled extensively over Central Asia – in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. His work has been screened at festivals in Europe, Russia as well as Asia.

Eric Balison (1989) studied Storyboarding at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. In his four years there, he also took courses in animation, illustration and editing. In 2012, he wrote, directed and edited a short film called Herald.

Irina Maslikova (1978) studied textile art at the Kazakh National Art Academy. She experiments with photography, video, painting and textiles.

Katya Nikanorova (1981) is qualified as an architect and urban-planner. Starting in 2000, she has been involved in the contemporary art scene, exhibiting her work, participating in seminars and workshops, creating installations as well as working in various visual mediums such as films, photography, collage-making. In her exhibited-work she focuses in on problems concerning architecture, landscape as well as urban-planning. She has participated in exhibits in Almaty, Bishkek, Moscow, Turin, London and Paris. Starting in 2012, she has organized her own Biennale, titled “Biennale of Katya Nikonorova,” based in Almaty.

Diana Yun (1986) graduated from a university with a degree in international journalism in Almaty. During her studies she got involved with the Soros Center for Contemporary Art in Almaty. Immediately after graduating she moved to New York. She decided to fully dedicate her time to art and is now pursuing her second undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Her work has been exhibited in Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, America and Italy.

Adil Azhibayev (1986) studied finance at the university. At the moment, music and filmmaking are his primary hobbies.

Rinat Bekchentayev (1986) is currently studying film directing at the Moscow New Cinema School.

Olzhas Bayalbayev (1990) is a film director, editor, sound specialist and entrepreneur. He is a recent graduate from the New York Film Academy (Bolashak Scholarship).

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Zoo Lion: Aesthetic Porn

Zoo Lion

A retrospective of collage art from 2010-2013.

September 13, 2013 from 6:00pm-11:00pm
at The Living Gallery

  • $3 suggested donation
  • Free beverages and collage prints
  • Weird performances & sexual projections
  • DJ Peter Fonda AKA Ratfoot
  • Nude body-painted model

My work comes from a mind with absolutely no formal art training or technique. These pieces are a rumination upon the subject that interests me most; sex. It began as a teenage hobby, cutting and pasting landscapes and objects into new images, until I got my hands on my first 1960s era soft core porn, eventually leading to the collection of every smut magazine from every era. This set me at odds with many people such as my mother, past roommates, extended family, and potential employers, but it also happened to charm just as many people as it offended.

With a BS in Psychology, I have found the social impact of my porn-art just as intriguing as the responses of those mainly concerned with aesthetics. Sexual relationships as well as an open mind to the concept of sex itself are vital elements to happiness in life.

~ Zoo Lion

Zoo Lion presents Aesthetic Porn not to fetishize or arouse,
but to celebrate the beauty and abundance of sex culture.

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This event is all ages, but please keep in mind that there will be images
containing full nudity, pornographic material, and other potentially sensitive content.