AROUND TOWN: Exhibition at Transfer Gallery, “APOPHENIA”


Location: Transfer Gallery, 1030 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Exhibition Dates: January 4 through January 25, 2014
Gallery Hours:
Saturdays 2pm to 7pm and By Appointment
Contact: ||
Exhibition Publication: Download Here (PDF, 15 MB)

Text and image(s) from their website:

Apophenia /æpɵˈfiːniə/ is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.

Apophenia is a collection of works by Alma Alloro exploring the possibilities — and limitations — of an artist’s aura in a digitally-oriented world. The exhibition consists of a series of hand drawings and animations, installed alongside a machine that manually creates animation. Alloro’s works invite the viewer to simultaneously experience both the animation itself alongside the exposed analog apparati that produces it.

Alloro’s meticulous hand drawings make manifest the notion of repetition, a yearning for the infinite. Within the patterns that emerge, however, individual fragments of the animation reveal their lack of continuous identity — a tacit acknowledgement of the imperfections of the human hand.

Meanwhile, a kinetic machine generates colorful spinning surfaces broadcast via closed-circuit television. This screen — part of a device intended for the reading of printed matter, and which once helped Alloro’s late grandfather compensate for his low vision — becomes a site of color and motion. Says Alloro:

In its afterlife, the device exposes a ubiquitous short sightedness, rendering users of every generation blind to other potential (mis)uses of technology.”

With Apophenia, Alloro considers the kinds of aesthetic effects that still lie beyond the scope of digital practice: what can be made with bare hands that can’t be made with a computer? And further, what new means still belong to the realm of tradition, yet embrace new potentials made possible by the digital?

ALMA ALLORO (b. 1982, Tel Aviv) is a contemporary retro-futuristic artist living and working in Berlin. Her work spans a variety of media, including drawing, sculpture, and music composition and performance. She has shown with The Store in Berlin, P8 Gallery in Tel Aviv, Furtherfield Gallery in London, Spacebar Gallery in Linz, and Eigenheim Gallery in Weimar.

Alma studied fine art at the Midrasha School of Art, Beit-Berl, Israel, and received her MFA in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies from Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar, Germany.

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Sandfly Short Film Festival TONIGHT!

Sandfly Short Film Festivalat The Living Gallery
November 4th, 2013 at 8pm

We are excited to announce that this year Australia’s Sandfly Film Festival makes it’s New York debut at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn, joining Jervis Bay, Newton, Mt. Vic, Chippendale, Paris, Berlin, Bogota, and Los Angeles for a week long celebration of this year’s selections. Come see an eclectic collection of international shorts, including live action, animation, and music videos that will be screened in three 50 minute sessions with two intermissions. The lights go dim at 8:30, so be sure to arrive before then.

Tickets are $10 and are available at the link above. They will also be available Nov. 4 at the door. There will be snacks, drinks, and alcohol (suggested donations).

For more information on the Sandfly Film Festival follow the links below.

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“Apples in Bushwick” A Screening of Visual Artists from Almaty, Kazakhstan

This screening will showcase the creations of visual artists who live and work in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Alma” in Kazakh means “apple,” and Almaty is often translated as “full of apples” or “city of apples”.

September 30, 2013

at 8:30pm

at The Living Gallery

$3 Suggested Donation

"Apples in Bushwick" A Screening of Visual Artists from Almaty, Kazakhstan

In the past the city was surrounded by apple orchards. Sadly, not anymore. Folklore has it that Almaty is the birthplace of all the apples in the world. Some of the artists have studied abroad, and others are self taught. The showcase represents various works, both commercial and independent projects made in the last decade.

The program will consist of 4 parts:

1) Music videos
2) Video art
3) Animation
4) Short films

A Q&A will follow the screening.


Malik Zenger (1986) studied film directing at New York Film Academy, Universal Studios, via the Bolashak, a Kazakh state scholarship program. In 2011, his “Shorties” animation was screened in Marseille, France.

Alexander Bakanov (1982) grew up in Russia and Kazakhstan. Alexander shot his first film in 2001. In the past, he has worked as a director of animation, music as well as documentary videos. Through his work Alexander have traveled extensively over Central Asia – in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. His work has been screened at festivals in Europe, Russia as well as Asia.

Eric Balison (1989) studied Storyboarding at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. In his four years there, he also took courses in animation, illustration and editing. In 2012, he wrote, directed and edited a short film called Herald.

Irina Maslikova (1978) studied textile art at the Kazakh National Art Academy. She experiments with photography, video, painting and textiles.

Katya Nikanorova (1981) is qualified as an architect and urban-planner. Starting in 2000, she has been involved in the contemporary art scene, exhibiting her work, participating in seminars and workshops, creating installations as well as working in various visual mediums such as films, photography, collage-making. In her exhibited-work she focuses in on problems concerning architecture, landscape as well as urban-planning. She has participated in exhibits in Almaty, Bishkek, Moscow, Turin, London and Paris. Starting in 2012, she has organized her own Biennale, titled “Biennale of Katya Nikonorova,” based in Almaty.

Diana Yun (1986) graduated from a university with a degree in international journalism in Almaty. During her studies she got involved with the Soros Center for Contemporary Art in Almaty. Immediately after graduating she moved to New York. She decided to fully dedicate her time to art and is now pursuing her second undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Her work has been exhibited in Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, America and Italy.

Adil Azhibayev (1986) studied finance at the university. At the moment, music and filmmaking are his primary hobbies.

Rinat Bekchentayev (1986) is currently studying film directing at the Moscow New Cinema School.

Olzhas Bayalbayev (1990) is a film director, editor, sound specialist and entrepreneur. He is a recent graduate from the New York Film Academy (Bolashak Scholarship).

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